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Mental Health can be looked at as a continuum, where at one end there is severe depression, anxiety and trauma. On the other end, we can see optimal wellness and happiness.

Psychological problems are most often diagnosed and treated according to symptoms. Unfortunately, the treatment of symptoms can sometimes fail to improve our mental health, bring temporary relief or help us only to cope and function.  However, not unlike the treatment of physical health, we cannot just treat the symptoms but must look for the underlying causes that at times may not always be evident.

When it comes to mental health, psychological symptoms can be the body’s and mind’s way of communicating to us that we need to pay attention to some aspect of our world that is not working for us. These can be underlying problems related to perhaps existential concerns, deep unhappiness or unresolved issues. Sometimes we need to treat or address these underlying issues to help get lasting relief or genuine healing.

At Introspection, we can work collaboratively with you to help you resolve your pain and live a more fulfilling authentic life, where true self-appreciation of your true self can be attained.

I believe our journey in life is learning self-acceptance and reaching a genuine appreciation of who we are! We can spend a lifetime searching for people, success, titles and ‘stuff’ to make us feel whole and resolve out most inner self-doubts of who we are. However, the one person who holds that key has been with you all along. YOU!

All of us, no matter what mask we wear are working through our own personal struggles of who we are and who we are not. The advancement of technology today has opened an enormous floodgate of information and global connection, exposing us to every aspect of life around the world. Here is the irony! The more connection we think we have created, on some other levels, the more disconnected we can become. Through this technological based medium, we can lose touch with personal interaction and face-to-face communication. Our world has expanded and we compare ourselves to a much wider external façade, where for some, this can lead to negative self criticism and feeling we are perhaps not making the grade!

Our life is precious. Looking towards others to validate our self-worth can be a futile journey. At Introspection, you will learn to realise, the burdens, pain and vulnerabilities you carry can be resolved by ‘I’, leaving us free to bring the best of who we are to the people we love and a renewed appreciation of our life and ourselves!

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“Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am the master of my fate and captain of my soul.”

D. Hofstadter

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