The examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes


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Carmen has developed a wealth of experience treating a broad range of mental health issues working in both government, not for profit and private sectors. Get in touch today.


Her overall therapeutic approach draws upon evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Schema Therapy, EMDR, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, Clinical Hypnosis, Coherence Therapy and Existential Therapy. Although Carmen can treat a broad range of mental health concerns, as a former Police Psychologist, Carmen has special interest in Anxiety, Trauma, Crisis, Stress, Critical incident response and Grief, offering focused short term or long term psychotherapy.

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Introspection can assist you in the treatment of a broad range of mental health issues, utilising a broad range of evidence based interventions.

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Introspection is a source of knowledge. In essence the word introspection captures the path towards our inner world – a world that only we can experience and see. It is where we can find the answers to inner peace and self acceptance. The outside world and life will ultimately determine our experiences of which we have no control over. Why? A quandary? Unfair at times? Yes! But our control lies on how we chose to respond! Through guided introspection we can form self compassion, curiosity, care, calmness and courage to seek the answers we hold within. We are taught to seek out answers, resolutions to our problems outside of ourselves. We hope that others will redeem our self doubt and self loathing. We reject and critic ourselves and look toward ‘others’ or ’stuff’ to make us happy, content and make us feel we have value. We can spend a life time looking outside ourselves for the answers to our struggles, doubts and pain. However, the real answers lie within. Self acceptance and a genuine appreciation of who you are is key to resolving our struggles, our pain and fears. We can not only unburden our need to primarily seek our resolve from others but unburden the people close to us. This leaves room for us to enjoy, support and love those by our side who are on their own individual unique journey of life, challenged by their own unique struggle.


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